Therapy Workbooks to The New You Therapy Workbooks to The New You

Therapy Workbooks to The New You

A life-enhancing tool that provides encouragement, recognition & love to those in need of them. It is your safe and private space where you can take the time to express yourself and bathe in self-care.

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A therapy workbook to deal with Mental Health Struggles

As we get busy with our lives, we sometimes lose ourselves in the middle and are unable to find balance and peace. It is now time to prioritize mental health and self-care more than anything else. While it’s good to work hard and pursue our dreams, it’s also important to take a break and focus on ourselves. The Cure Journal is your personal canvas to work on you. Our journals were the result of extensive research and personal experiences to make them personalized and curated to fit different situations and mental struggles.

Frequently asked questions

No, The Therapy Workbook is made by two people who went through a journey together. In our goal of overcoming many mental struggles such as depression, anxiety, and bulimia...., journaling was a way to cope and deal with these issues along with therapy.
No. Therapy is a base, the Therapy Workbook is a tool. They complement each other. If your struggles are hindering your daily life, please seek professional help. It will be very helpful. You are worthy!
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